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    OUT March 10, 2023 Exclusively on

    In a small town in West Texas sits a building full of history, the Wild West and Paranormal Activity.

    Everything Vaguely Paranormal group consisting of Blake Smith, Shelly Pruitt and Ryan Roberts team up with Eric Conner and to i...

  • Brewing Up the In Between | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    New TRAILER ALERT!!!! ScareNetwork Original

    This Friday at 7pm EST Exclusively on

    SYNOPSIS: Demonologist/Paranormal Investigator Sean Austin & fellow investigator Ryan Birge delve into other worldly elements at Newsylum brewery in #Newtown, CT. A brewery that stands at the ep...

  • SCARENETWORK | Platform Trailer

    ALL THINGS SCARY is an online streaming platform featuring original Paranormal, Horror, True Crime and Monster content. Subscribe Today or Buy Movies individually.

  • The Gateway Between Worlds | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    In Pampa, TX sits a lone gate that directs spiritual traffic between two completely different worlds. One of the living, the other of those who have died. This fascinating location virtually sits out in the open in a small Texas' town and begins My Paranormal Experience’s deep dive into an iron...

  • Malefice - A True Story of a Demonic Haunting | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    Wanting revenge after Sean Austin crossed over 2 women from a dark location who were trapped, an evil presence tried to seek retaliation against him for 5 years. Coming to this realization Sean knew he had to return with friend and fellow investigators Dave Spinks & Eric Conner with the hope of f...

  • Amityville - The Resurgence | OFFICIAL TRAILER

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    A fistful of drug popping ravers and an insane mental patient take a hell bent trip to an underground rave party "The Habit", being held at an abandon lunatic asylum in Salem Massachusetts. The groups plan to party all night drastically morph into chaotic hallucinations of the rave being buried d...

  • Dark is the Night | OFFICIAL SERIES TRAILER

    Behind the phony screams and cheap scares of countless fake paranormal discovery videos across the web, there are whispers of truly terrifying haunts. Looking to find authentic, blood-curdling content, a group of urban explorers, led by a YouTuber named Jay, set off on a road trip through New En...

  • The Devil in Bellaire | OFFICIAL SERIES TRAILER

    On September 30, 1995 in Bellaire, Ohio the unthinkable happened. A 17-year old murdered his own parents in cold blood while they slept. He decapitated his father and performed a satanic ritual around the severed head. He stabbed his mother repeatedly and tried to pin her to the wall. Then he tri...

  • The Jefferson Haunt | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    Exploring Jefferson, Texas is no small feat as ScareNetwork encounters two infamous locations. Located less than three blocks from each other lie The Haywood House Restaurant and The Magnolias House. The Jefferson Haunt details the truly unpleasant feelings we encounter throughout these two haunt...


    Nearly every small town in America has a haunted theater. Newberry, South Carolina is no different. The Ritz Theater has been in operation since 1936 and many spirits and ghosts reside there. We go deep inside the walls of the Ritz and do a paranormal investigation that is thorough and precise...

  • Letchworth | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    Letchworth Village in Haverstraw, New York is considered by many to be the most haunted abandoned asylum in the world.

    Follow Sean Austin and LA Beast, along with others, as they gather paranormal evidence so compelling that you will be left scratching your head and asking yourself 'Did I just...


    Premieres Friday June 10th, 2022 at 6PM EST. Exclusively on

    80 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas lies an abandoned hospital right out of the 1950's and a ripe location for a modern day horror film. Stories of shadow figures, being scratched, hearing disembodied voices when no ...

  • The Witch of Yazoo | OFFICIAL TRAILER

  • Willows Weep - A True Haunted House in the Heartland | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    The Willows Weep house in Cayuga, Indiana is considered by many to be the most haunted house in America. With numerous suicides, mysterious deaths......paranormal activity runs rampant on this property.

  • Ma Barker House: A Haunted Legacy | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    FBI agents discovered the hideout of Ma Barker and her son Fred after Arthur was arrested in Chicago on January 8, 1935. A map found in his possession indicated that other gang members were in Ocklawaha, Florida. The FBI soon located the house where the gang was staying after identifying referenc...

  • Butchered | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    A group of teens take a small charter boat to an isolated island for one last party and to say their goodbyes before college - they have no idea that a convicted serial killer has escaped from the Maximum Security Prisons Death Row, taking cover on the very same island. With no working cell phone...

  • Devil Down South | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    After dabbling in Dark Magic as a 15 year old, Abby's life was flipped upside down. Once the blood from her finger made contact with the flame of the black candle an unexplainable darkness entered her body that still remains 14 years later.

    In this harrowing documentary we get the true story fr...

  • The Beast of Bladenboro | OFFICIAL TRAILER

    On the southeastern edge of the North Carolina Piedmont lies the small town of Bladenboro.

    Bladenboro is a snapshot of small-town America. A community of friendly people, local stores, and southern charm.

    In the 1950s, the community faced a unique threat; a series of strange animal attacks that...

  • Malefice - A True Story of a Demonic Haunting | OFFICIAL TRAILER 2

    If you take a soul away from the Devil, there will be Hell to pay!! The reviews are in and viewers and critics resoundingly love the 'Malefice' documentary!! Many are calling it one of the best #paranormal documentaries ever made. If you don't believe us take a look for yourself.

  • Fonti Flora | OFFICIAL TRAILER

  • The Terrible Two | OFFICIAL TRAILER

  • The Jailhouse | OFFICIAL TRAILER