Short Documentaries

Short Documentaries

Keeping things short and sweet. Check out our scary mini documentaries perfect for a quick binge!

Short Documentaries
  • Ephemera - Episode 2 - Argonaut Mine Disaster

    On August 27, 1922 a fire ensued in the Argonaut Mine that trapped 47 miners a mile underground. Over a span of 26 days the lives of everyone in Jackson, California would change forever. What effect does this 95 year old disaster still have on the community of Jackson today?

  • Ephemera - Episode 1 - Killed By A Bear

    At the top of Grapevine Canyon, sitting under an ancient oak tree, there stands a marker with a strange inscription. The lack of facts about the inscription have led to many legends surrounding the life and violent death of the man buried under an oak tree in what is now known as Fort Tejon.

  • Mercy - Documentary and Music Video

  • The Witch of Yazoo

    She lured #boaters off the #Yazoo River and killed them. When she was caught by the #sheriff she escaped in the woods and fell in #quicksand. The sheriff and his men didn’t save her, so she raised her #fist to the air and vowed to burn #YazooCity down in 20 years. On May 25, 1904 the city burned ...

  • Flatwoods Monster - West Virginia UFO - 1952

  • The Evil LaLaurie House

    Madame LaLaurie was a New Orleans socialite in the 1830's and a serial killer who tortured and murdered slaves in her household.

  • The Haunted Haymond House - Sutton, West Virginia

  • Cape Fear Wine & Beer - The Story

    Cape Fear Wine & Beer has been a Wilmington, North Carolina bar staple for nearly 20 years. The bar and the space where the bar dwells have a rich history. In 1949 the Orton Hotel sat on the very ground where the bar currently is and it burned to the ground, with several people perishing in the...

  • The Devil's Tramping Ground

    The Devil's Tramping Ground is a camping spot located in a forest near the Harper's Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina. It has been the subject of persistent local legends and lore, which frequently allege that the Devil "tramps" and haunts a barren circle of ground in which nothing is...

  • The Maco Light

    Joe Baldwin was merely doing his job on the railtracks in the 1860's when a tragic accident happened, leaving him headless.