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My Paranormal Experience

Episode 4 - The GateKeeper - My Paranormal Experience

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Up Next in Season 1 - My Paranormal Experience

  • Episode 3 - It Calls Itself Number On...

    Nathan and the crew return to Malvern Manor to finish their investigation they had started two years earlier. But learn that a new sinister phenomenon has made its way to the surface.. something that calls it’s itself number one.

  • Episode 2 - It Lives in the Gym - My ...

    Nathan and his crew travel to Skellytown,TX to investigate rumored hauntings surrounding a former elementary school. Which becomes their most shocking investigation.

  • Episode 1 - The Experience Begins - M...

    Paranormal investigator Nathan Withers video documents the latest chapter of his inspiring journey at some of the most intriguing alleged haunted locations. ‘My Paranormal Experience’ spotlights the experiences of first hand witnesses of inexplicable haunted events.