Horror Short Films

Horror Short Films

Collection of Short Horror Films

Horror Short Films
  • Sock Monster

    Anne is shattered by the loss of her young daughter. Refusing to let her go, Anne finds that it's not only socks that go missing in the dryer.

  • Peek-A-Boo

    A dark fairytale about a frazzled stay-at-home Dad, his frolicsome daughter, and a spooky childish game.

  • Postpartum

    Alice is a good mother and convinced that her that her children are possessed by one of the four beasts. She leaves them in the care of the nanny, and one day after returning from the store she finds her children dead. Pleading her innocence she is sent to a state facility for life for the killin...

  • Outer

    When four twenty somethings play with a town's urban legend, they unknowingly cross paths with a vengeful entity from the outer limits.

  • Turned

    When Jack, a rough and tough vampire slayer is bitten by his arch-nemesis, Monty, he has but one day left to live, before he becomes the very thing he has been hunting for most of his life.

  • Jacks Shed

    Three adults on a road trip get stranded and hunted by a sadistic loner.