American Hauntings

America has its share of haunted houses, buildings, churches, hotels and more! ScareNetwork intends to explore them all. Check out our collection of Ghost Stories across the United States.

  • Hookman's Cemetery

    Ed and Lorraine Warren visited this cemetery in Seymour, CT many times. Lorraine was quoted as saying "This cemetery is evil. It has a very evil presence to it."

    Listen to NESPR Member Chris Gilloren talk about the history of the cemetery which includes urban legends, paranormal investigations ...

  • The Curtis House

    The haunted Curtis House in Trumbull, CT dates back to the before the Revolutionary War. Hear the owner, Bill Bachlechner talk about personal experiences of hauntings that have taken place on the land and in the house.

  • The Latimer House

    The Latimer House interprets life in Wilmington, North Carolina, during the Victorian Era through the guise of three generations of the Latimer family. Meander through 14 rooms that are home to over six hundred objects, including neoclassical statues imported from Paris, stoic portraits by the fa...

  • Haunting of the Octoroon Mistress Julie

    The legend has it that the octoroon who inhabited this house in the 1850s was named Julie. Julie was an octoroon because she had 1/8 black in her antecedents. Julie was said to be very beautiful with striking black hair and dark eyes that were said to be full of mystery. Julie met and fell in lov...