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  • YorkTown

    1 video

    80 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas lies an abandoned hospital right out of the 1950's and a ripe location for a modern day horror film. Stories of shadow figures, being scratched, hearing disembodied voices when no one else is in the building are commonplace at Yorktown Memorial Hospital. It ...

  • Willows Weep - A True Haunted House in America

    1 video

    The Willows Weep house in Cayuga, Indiana is considered by many to be the most haunted house in America. With numerous suicides, mysterious deaths......paranormal activity runs rampant on this property.

    The History Channel show 'The UnXplained' called Willows Weep the most haunted house in Amer...

  • Amityville - The Resurgence

    1 video

    When paranormal investigator Sean Austin decides to do some spirit box sessions in front of the DeFeo grave and the Amityville Horror House, the responses he gets are more than he bargained for. This documentary focuses on Sean Austin's personal paranormal experiences having to do with the notori...

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